Saturday, 15 October 2011

Kate Takes 5 - Listography


Well, I HAD planned a blogging free weekend.

Lots on and not much time but I popped on to see what was new and ...  well, who could resist checking out the top 5 keyword searches on their blog?

Not me evidently ;)

1)  Cat Shit - Hmm, I may have mentioned this ONCE or twice!

2)  Kirsty Allsops Big Arse - Who'd have thought eh?  I wonder if she'd be flattered ... ?

3)  Don't Shit Sherlock - Well, I'm pretty sure I never said he did!

4)  Braless - Thanks Maggie - evidently the prospect of seeing you in your Boden with no bra brings a fair amount of traffic my way.  A TRUE friend ;)

5)  Ha Ha -  I'm fairly sure the people pumping this one in weren't searching for the Bee Gees.


Anne said...

Oh, that's so funny Sarah! Cat shit? Really? LOL Wanted to say thanks too for the Versatile Blogger Award too. That's so nice of you to pass that onto me. I've been so damn busy lately, it's not funny. Carla is having a little break too although I wish I could say the same thing. My Mum's birthday this week, both kid's birthday next month, then school and kindy break up, then Christmas. I'm still here reading your blog but sometimes not enough to time comment. Would love you to come to Australia. You'd have to choose Queensland though.

Anne xx

E. said...

I like the fact that one of the searches that brings me readers is Hugh Jackman shirtless.

I'm sure many people are disappointed to get to Whining to find 1 o 2 photos of Hugh and theorist is just thevrandomness from my head.

Sarah Mac said...

'fraid so Anne, in fact shit gets TWO mentions, hmmm, a little worrying :)

You are very welcome re the award. It's an as and when kind of thing when you get a moment to yourself (not this week I'm guessing!)

If I do pitch up some time in Oz it's likely to be Melbourne but hey, 800 odd miles is a hell of a lot closer than 12000 :)) xx

I'd just like someone to bring me Huge Jackman shirtless E ...... ;)

Looking for Blue Sky said...

Lots of shit, and then there's arse, lol, very funny :)

Zoe Paige said...

Mmm cat shit... yummo! And Kirsty Allsops big arse?! Haha, it's so funny seeing this stuff!

Janelle said...

Comforting to know there are people in the world googling "cat shit" isn't it?! Hilarious Sarah

Kate said...

What a fantastic list. You should be very proud ;)

Sarahmumof3 said...

ha think this is the funniest list ;) x

Sarah Mac said...

Ha ha, Id missed that Blue Sky. Hmm, I wonder what that says about me :)

I like the ones where people have no idea where the keywords came from Zoe. Have to admit I did google fudge circle when it came up on mine and was extremly relieved to discover that it was just someone looking for a cake recipe!

I am proud to be a leading authority on cat shit Janelle ;)

Thanks Kate and well, I am a little ;)

Sarah Mac said...

:) Thanks Sarah. I'm not sure is it says more about me or the people doing google searches though. x

Melksham Mum said...

Right, I am trawling your blog now clearly on the basis of no. 2 on your list! Ha Ha!

Sarah Mac said...

Ha ha, can't believe it was pipped at the post by cat shit MM :)

Mummy Mishaps aka Jenny Paulin said...

Haha what a superb list of random words!! Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

This is my favourite list so far. Love it!

Claire said...

love it! Great list - shit, arses and bralessness lol

Sarah Mac said...

Thanks Jenny :)

Got to say gwm, I was a little surprised at some of them and also, slightly worryingly, a little proud ;)

I'd like to say it isn't typical of my blog Claire (but I'd be lying;)

overthehillmum said...

That is the best list so far lol.

It makes me want to read the rest of your blog :)