Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Return Of The Ridiculous

After my rather hormone fulled rant of yesterday I thought I might share a few of the other things that have been going on in my life in the last few days.

Before I do, I just wanted to say thanks to all of you who left comments.  I did feel a little like a precocious toddler having a tantrum but it was good to get it out :)

Also, Meg.  Thank you again for the shout out.  I have visited your blog but for some reason (possibly me being thick) I can't see how to follow or leave comments.  I wanted to tell you that I was also inspired partly to start my blog by Julie and Julia (it's my ALL time favorite film:). I'm not sure which of them I admire most but one of my best Birthday presents this year was Julia Childs cook book.

Well, as previously mentioned. I went to Rule 7 on Friday night.  it's such a cool place and I think it might be a regular haunt from now on.  Really wish I'd thought to take my camera, I will next time!

On Saturday Paul came round as promised to shape up my bushes, clear my undergrowth and dispose of my excess foliage.

(btw, anyone not giggling in a juvenile way by now just may not be a kindred spirit ...;)

I like to think that I'm not the kind of gal who expects something for nothing so ... his reward was to take me to the Carnival. Now apparently the south west carnivals are the biggest illuminated (moving??) event in the world.  Something like that anyway.

I'd normally take the children but they were away this weekend so I almost didn't go but then I thought you lot might like a few pics which you will find at the bottom of this post.

Not sure it was THAT much fun for Paul with me leaping in front of the floats trying to get a good photo (and mostly failing) but he took it quite well only occasionally muttering, 'where's that bloody pint you promised me'...  He did get it in the end.

Sunday and I had friends and family over for dinner.  10 minutes before they were due and I was giving the bathroom a once over.  I cleaned the toilet, pulled the flush and there was a loud cracking sound and I was left with the effing handle in my hand!

Now the last thing you want when you are expecting 7 for dinner and you only have one bathroom is to have no sodding toilet!

A couple of quick phone calls to say 'please empty your bladder before arrival (failing that, bring your own container!). And a begging call to The Demon to please HELP!!!

Two hours later, two trips to Wicks, 35 quid poorer, a trawl of the neighbours for the right sized spanner, several ruined towels, a flooded bathroom, guests doing a manic version of the macarena around the dining table and I have a toilet that everytime it's flushed pisses water out of the back of the cistern.

Order has been restored :)

My daughter has her first crush.  God, I remember that soooo well.  Like mine her object of affection is in year 11 while she is in year 8.  Completely futile, far too old for her and yet we can all dream can't we?

I decided it might be a good time to have THE talk with her.

I've always been open and honest with my children.  When Master Mac aged 5 asked me how babies were made I told him.  After looking at me incredulously for a few seconds he burst out laughing, said 'I don't believe you' and walked off chuckling to himself and that was the end of that, phew!

Anyway, I though Miss Mac and I should start not with the mechanics, I think that's been pretty well covered already but with how sex is best as part of a loving relationship.

D'you know, I'm not really sure she even WANTED to be having that conversation with me and, when I for some completely unknown reason, I started it by saying 'the first thing to remember is that you should never just go pounding in' she started giggling uncontrollably, which started me off, which reminded me of  Pam and her friend Julia, which made me laugh even more and so we decided to leave that conversation for another 12 years.

Anyway, as promised, my somewhat crappy and blurred photos of the carnival (you should be able to click on any of the photos on my blog if you want a bigger image)

should have rotated this one - didn't - could you just tilt your head?

my camera couldn't cope with the light but I think it looks pretty cool

no idea what this is but the person on top is actually wearing stilts
(see, I'm not the only one with spare legs and arse for photo opportunities;)

part of a float that must have been 40ft long

Crappy camera, too much light and it was all moving . I SO wish you all (especially those with children) could have been there to see it!


pam said...

These carnival exhibits look very professional! I love a good carnival -especially after having my lady garden tidied:P

Sarah Mac said...

It's a real mix Lesley. Some professional (which are breathtaking). Some ammature. Lots of walking exibits too. Jugglers, majorettes, brass bands. I really wish I'd got more/better photos. And of course, LOTS of money raised for charity.

'Lady garden' ... now you've set me off again ;) x

E. said...

I love how the conversation about being in a loving relationship started out with pounding in. WT? Very funny.

I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought about lady garden shrubbery being tidied. But I'm not sure I want to know it was which garden was being tidied

Sarah Mac said...

What can I say E? I sometimes think I should have been a teacher ... ;)

I almost wish I'd posted a pic of Paul's very impressive hedge trimmer :)

Ha ha, actually, I've known Paul for over 20 years and I'm not sure which of us would be most horrified at the thought of him tidying my lady garden!