Monday, 31 October 2011

When the Music's Over - WoW

Write On Wednesdays

Write On Wednesdays Exercise 22 Select a piece of music that reflects the mood of writing you'd like to aim for. Press play. Start free writing. Write the first words that come into your head. When the music's over, so is the writing. I'd recommend finding out how long the song is before you start the exercise. You may feel cheated in your writing time if you pick a song by The Ramones. Of course, if you feel like writing a short, punky piece by all means, go for it!

Dropping the lip gloss and phone into her bag she reached for the boots.

As she slipped her feet into them the soft black suede molded to her calves and over her  knees, soft as velvet, as soft as the skin underneath ...

Her confidence grew with every step.  Every swing of her hips.  Every flick of her hair.

She was ready.

Ready to look the memories in the eye and gently kiss them goodbye.

At the tall glass door of the Cosy Club her confidence faltered slightly.

She wished he had chosen any place other than this.

So many times she had thought she was ready only to have the memories creep up behind her and steal her breath away.

Drawing in a deep breath of the chill night air she firmly pushed the door open.

Instantly she was transported back to that night.

His face.  His smile. His laugh ...  his touch ...

Sensory overload made her head spin.  Her hand reach out looking for support as the black wave of disbelief swept over her yet again.

Gradually the dizziness subsided and a rush of noise replaced the buzzing in her head.  People laughing, bottles being opened, drinks being poured.

A voice calling her name.

Through the crowd at the bar she saw him.

Smiling as though they were the only two people in the room.

Could a new  face overlay old memories ...


TV said...

I loved this, I'm really rooting for the protagonist to move past everything and I completely understand her feelings in this. It's great!
PS: Fantastic choice of music.

Sarah Mac said...

Thanks TV, I hope she does too. I guess we will have to see how this plays out.

I love this song. It's sexy and soulful and a little melancholy, just like her.

Maybe next time there's a music prompt the tempo will be more upbeat.

Lillie McFerrin said...

Awesome! One of my favorite songs. I was rooting for her, still am :)

Fiona @nlpmum said...

Brilliant - What a cool idea - great post too. Can I nick the concept for NaBloPoMo? ;-)

Romina Garcia said...

You. Are. Brilliant.

Sarah Mac said...

Thanks Lillie, I think RC is starting to mean - it's one of my favorite song too :)

Hi Fiona, thank you! Ha ha, pop over and have a chat with Gill at inkpaperpen.blogspot.com it's her brilliant brainchild :)

Aww shucks Romina, you always say the NICEST things : x

Sarah Mac said...

Ha ha - I actually have NO idea what I meant to say there Lillie ;)

Rain said...

Excellence. Very real; her emotions are perfectly natural. I know the feeling of trying to be strong and at the moment of truth faltering and realising I'm weaker than I'd like to admit. I'm also rooting for her, although the end is very dubious. Will she smile back or stay strong? =)

/ Rain

Sarah Mac said...

Thanks Rain - horrible isn't it, you think you're ok and then something just pulls the rug away from under you.

Melanie said...

Great song Sarah, and great writing to boot (he he)... I really liked it, and if it goes like the song, she SO has the upper hand ;)

Sarah Mac said...

Ha ha, thanks Melanie ;)

I'd love to sing this song in a smoky little dive (if they still existed).

Hmm, it's about time she came out on top (so to speak) - watch this space!

Jayne said...

I love this-sexy & strong, despite her moment of faltering. I want to know what happens next :-)

Sarah Mac said...

Thank you Jayne - same time next week? ;)

InkPaperPen said...

From the moment I started reading, I felt the mood of this song. It suits your writing style well, it suits Rock Chick. Strong, sexy piece with just a pinch of hidden vulnerability. Let's see what comes next!

Sarah Mac said...

Ah, well I already know what comes next Gill :)

I just have to see if it fits with your prompt!