Friday, 18 November 2011

It's All About ME!

Everybody knows somebody like that right?

I've no idea what makes a person so self absorbed that they can only see things from the perspective of themselves.  

In fact, the whole concept is SO alien to me that I'm sometimes a little (ok sometimes even a lot) slow to recognise it.

Occasionally I even need to have it pointed out to me and I STILL find it hard to believe!

To be fair, sometimes it is pretty hard to recognise when it's hidden behind apparent care and concern.  

Sometimes you learn the hard way that the care and concern wasn't for you at all, it was all for themselves.  

How disappointing is that?

I can honestly say, I am NOT a person like that.

However, I AM happy to say:

oh yes I do :)

A few days ago Romina wrote a post entitled Ten things I love about me.

Having read it I thought, 'what a great idea!'

I don't know about you but I am SO bad at accepting compliments that I'm sure half the time the people giving them must wish they hadn't bothered.

(Just smile and say thank you dammit! Or tell them about that warm glow it gives you inside)

As for giving myself praise?  Well, I'm trying to  make more of an effort with that one.

Today  I woke up in a great mood (it's Thursday morning so I won't be posting this yet but I thought strike while the iron is hot!).

This is a rarity.  Mornings are not my best time.  I'm usually tired and cranky due to lack of sleep and I don't really become totally human until I've had at least two cups of tea.

This may well turn into a bit of a ramble. Lots to say, no real plan of  where it's going  which is the way I like it :)

Earlier in the week Super Single Mum tagged me to take part in a meme and Roller Coaster Mum tagged me in the same meme today so I guess I'd better get my act together on this one :)

'The websites I couldn't live without'

Ok, here goes:

Top of the list HAS to be google - I will google anything and everything.  I find I need to know STUFF!

(I hope to god my laptop never has to go in for repair or that if it does that I've managed to wipe all reference to hog tied from it!)

Google usually leads me to Wikipedia - I know,it's not always 100%  reliable information but it's given me many answers to homework questions for the children.

The schools website - When is Mr Mac going on a school trip to the Eden Project (yes, I will have lost the letter I pinned to the fridge) - is it an inset day on Friday?  The shame of mine being the only ones to turn up at an empty school  (sadly that has happened). I would be LOST without this website.

Gmail - I get loads of spam and rubbish but equally I often get emails from friends or family.  Occasionally I get an email from someone I haven't heard from in a while like today.

Tim is someone I got to know through the dating website sometime last year.  I haven't spoken to him for ...  hmm, well I can't remember how long and today he sent me an email to say 'hi, how's things'.  Now that's the kind of email I like to get.

My blog - I'm not so bothered about FB and I've not been seduced by twitter yet (still, fighting that one) but my blog?

 I love my blog :)

And now, in time honored tradition I shall tag someone else to do the same:

Hmmm, who have I left alone for a while ....

Sif from At the bottom of the Garden - your posts are so interesting and diverse I bet you have some unusual favorites!

Sooo, back to a few things I love about me ('let's not forget today, it IS all about me').

1)  I may be a cranky bitch in the mornings but, although I may rip your head off I will also pick up the pieces and stick them back together again with love and hugs and, above all, I will tell you I'm sorry.

I wrote a post ages ago on the importance of saying sorry and I still stand by it.  If I am in the wrong I will say so, I will hold my hand up and I will accept responsibility. (and I will try VERY hard not to do it again)

2)  I am not a princess - I don't expect people to run around after me.  I don't sit back expecting others to do all the work.  I'm always hugely grateful when someone makes an effort for me particularly when it's out of the blue with no expectation of reward.  It's just because they want to do something nice for me.  I don't think 'I deserve'  or 'I am worth' or have any of those self centered characteristics (at least, I don't think I do).  That doesn't mean I don't think I have a value just that I am not egocentric (despite the title of this post, I don't think it's all about me :).

3)  If you are my friend you can ring me at 4am (I'll probably still be awake anyway) and I will listen to you.  I will be there for you.  I will drag my ass out of bed and COME to you if you need me.

4)  If I love you, I love you - that's it really.

You don't have to continually prove yourself to me.  You don't have to earn my love (you already have it).  All you have to do is respect it, take care of it and love me back and you will always have my love.  If you fail to do those things and you lose my love, well, (even though you may not think so) it is your loss.

5)  I'm generous with my time and possessions - what's mine is yours.  I'm not precious about possessions - I don't own anything of great value but I will lend/give you anything I have if you want/need it  (particularly if you said you needed a small black and white cat ;)

I can be my own worst enemy when it comes to my time.  Ask me to do something for you and I'll probably say yes.  Chair the PTA?  Oh, ok.  Paint park benches?  Why not.  Weed the wall outside your house while I am doing mine (my neighbour this morning) I'd LOVE to!

Actually, to be fair, my neighbour is getting on a little and hasn't been well and, despite our differences (we have come a long way since the chainsaw incident) she's ok really!

Ok, 5 will do for now and it's time for my promised daily shout out:

I discovered this blog only yesterday but this is most definitely MY favorite post of the week so far:

Mommatwo - I will be catching up on past posts just as soon as I can and I'm looking forward to reading all the ones to come.

(Go on, take a look, tell me it's not a great post, I DARE you :)


Anonymous said...

You are right - as I knew you would be!

I loved the post and am now following

Lou :-) x

Anonymous said...

BTW - your feejit keeps saying I am visitor from Arcadia...Obviously I'm not and I do keep telling google that I am in Sierra Madre, but it prefers Arcadia which is next to me....lol

At least you know it's me.

Lou :-)

Sarah Mac said...

My feejit seems to have a mind of it's own anyway Lou - half the time it falls off the edge of the page so I've given up looking at it :)

Gkad you think I was right about Mommatwo - I really did love that post! x

Nikki - A Mother in France said...

Yes I agree, it was a great post - weird!

Sounds like you're a great friend to have :)

Sarah Mac said...

Thanks Nikki - yep, weird but great :)

I'm really lucky in the friends I have too.

Actually Mummy said...

You sound like a lovely person - way better than me, I would never chair the PTA! I was once the parent whose child was the only one to turn up in uniform on non-uniform day though, so we have something in common!

Sarah Mac said...

Not that lovely AM - I'd NEVER do it again ;) -the shame of being the one mum to get it wrong eh? My daughter informs me that I once sent her on a school trip in uniform too when everyone else was wearing jeans.