Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The Versatile Blogger

Day 2 of NaBloPoMo and the perfect opportunity to get my act together on this one.  Sooo rude to not have done it before!!!  (too busy posing nekkid and scrapping candle wax off the carpet!)

Last week Kate from Spring Days, New Growth passed the Versatile Blogger Award on to me because the silliness of one of my WoW post appealed to her sense of humour.

Thank you SO much Kate! :)

Now, as Kate said:

 'Yes, I know you already have one, but I thought you deserved another (though don't feel you should follow the rules again!)'

And it is true that I've been fortunate enough to have been passed this award twice before BUT that doesn't mean I'm not chuffed to bits to be passed it again.  After all, you wouldn't hear an actor say, 'An Emey, oh, already got one of those so no thanks' would you?

Each and every time someone thinks of me either by passing me an award or giving me a shout out on their blog or by leaving a comment on a post I've written, it warms my heart just a little (ok, LOTS!)

My main problem is thinking of 7 things you guys don't already know about me and after Saturday, and having seen me in the buff, I think you've got to know me pretty damned well!

But, rules is rules and this is them (I shall do my best:):

  •  Thank the person who gave you this award. That’s common courtesy.
  •  Include a link to their blog. That’s also common courtesy — if you can figure out how to do it.
  •  Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.
  •  Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award — you might include a link to this site.
  •  Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself

Kate, consider yourself well and truly thanked you lovely creature!

1.  I have lived in houses with the number 17 in the address on 3 separate occasions.  I have also been in a relationship with 4 different men that have the initials MW, 3 of them called Mark (although not all at the same time) considering that I haven't had an abundance of relationships, what are the chances of THAT (and will I EVER learn ... ).

2.  I broke my two front teeth aged 10 when I fell down the stairs whilst playing the recorder.  Coincidentally, my sister broke her front teeth aged 10 when she flew over the top of her pogo stick and my eldest son (Big D) broke HIS front teeth, yes you've guessed it, aged 10 when his bike collided with a friends and his front teeth collided with his friends head!

3.  I know someone who's surname was White. When she got married  she double barreled  it with her husbands name ...  she is now called White-Cummings!!  I shit you NOT!  (can't believe I forgot THAT one when I wrote 'What's in a Name')

4.  My first crush was when I was aged 6 or 7 - we lived in Australia at the time and his name was Ferdie Johnston (anyone know him?).   He had a cowboy suit and walkie talkies, my hero!  Do you know, it only occurred to me tonight that his full name might possibly have been Ferdinand!

5.  I really HATE celery (might actually have mentioned that once or twice before;).  I can't even have it in the house because of the smell.  The texture is horrible too.  There is NOTHING to like about celery in my opinion.

6.  When I was very small (and the youngest of four girls) I hated sleeping in my own bed and used to creep in with one of my sisters in the middle of the night.  My parents used to joke that that they would send me to live with the Gypsy's if I didn't stay in my own bed.  Trouble is, I didn't know what a gypsy was and my 5 year old brain conjured up a picture of little devils (complete with pitchforks) that lived in chicken runs.  I was TERRIFIED!

7.  I nearly lost the sight in my left eye when I was 6 due to a very bad reaction to the smallpox vaccine we had to have before moving to Australia (no, that's not why my eyes are different colours though).  The reaction was so fast and so severe that the anti vaccine had to be flown from Bristol to Plymouth, a distance of about 120 miles because it would have taken too long by road.

And finally, blogs I love :)

Some are old favorites, some newly discovered.  All very different and well worth a look.  Some may already have been given this award before and some of you may be too busy to take this up just now but no matter - I want you to have it anyway because You Are Worth It! :))

Suzi from Under The Windmills

Eloise from The True Adventures of Eloise

Sal from Team O'Toole

Miss Cinders from Saturday Morning Ogre Mum

Mrs BC from Mrs B C's House of  Chaos

Adam from Merry Wanderer of the Night

K from Kelloggsville

Frau Fancy from I'm So Fancy

FC from Feisty Cat

Romina from Martyr-hood

Hmm, that IS only 10 I know and there are SO many great blogs out there.  But it's getting late and my neck is KILLING me tonight so I'll leave it at 10 for now (just got to let them know:) and I'll add the others later.


Rollercoaster Mum said...

ah this has reminded me I have a much overdue Liebster Award to acknowledge - another post for NaBloPoMo!

Fiona @nlpmum said...

What a great idea, haven't come across the Versatile Blogger before... haven't seen the nakid post..... off to take a peek ;-)

Sarah Mac said...

Good to have some ideas lurking RM - hope I don't run out!!

Ha ha Fiona - just don't tell my Mum ok ;)

Feisty Cat said...

Thank you for the award, Sarah Mac. I am totally going to pass it back to you (as if you didn't know that was coming) when I finally quit procrastinating. Your blog is fresh, original, and wacky; everything I love about blogging.

--FC (Feisty Cat)

Sarah Mac said...

You are MORE than welcome FC :) Don't you dare pass it back - I've run out of things to tell!!!

Nikki - A Mother in France said...

Regarding the celery - did you know that celery is a minus calorie? It burns more calories to digest it than you gain by eating it (or so I've read). Doesn't that give you something to love about it or maybe even like just a little bit??
(sorry if I'm repeating myself, but I wasn't sure you'd see my reply to your comment) :)

Kelloggsville said...

I finally sat down to do this tonight :) I am so rubbish at ever getting around to these things.

Sarah Mac said...

Me too - love, love, LOVE to get one and then struggle to do it :)

I'm So Fancy said...

Okay! i'm here! And honoured. But celery? Surely we could find a way to dress it up! xx

Sarah Mac said...

Yay :)) - Umm, no ;) xx