Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Lean A Little Bit Closer

I read a post today that made my blood boil far more than it did the authors and it brought to mind a song by the Hayseed Dixis.

'I know you like to think your shit don't stank
But lean a little bit closer
See that roses really smell like poo poo
Yeah, roses really smell like poo poo'

I've mentioned before Big D's words of wisdom:

‎'Judge not lest you judge not you ...... hmmm, yes, just consider that Mum!'. 

( I was no doubt having a bitchy, obviously well deserved rant about something or other )

Yep, I know, he makes about as much sense as me sometimes but you get where he's coming from.

People that make judgements about others based on nothing more than a brief observation make my blood boil!!

I don't care (much) if you hate me but at least do me the courtesy of getting to know me first!

Off on a tangent ...

I was having a conversation earlier about fantasies (of the sexual variety) with Mr R&R (that's rock and roll for those of you that caught Sundays post).

Now I think I may be a little boring in that respect as I really don't tend to have fantasies.

I'm not saying I don't THINK about sex, of COURSE I do but ... you know what, I'm not going down that road.  You really don't want/need to know :).

Suffice to say you already know I had to google hog tied (B, step AWAY from google!!).  What you don't know is that my response to someone telling me I should get a rabbit was:

 'I already have more than enough pets thank you' (of course once they had stopped laughing for long enough to explain I had to go and google THAT too).

Anyway, back to R&R's fantasy.  It involved a shower, me, and an unexpected visitor (him).

I don't have any real objection to being the muse in someones fantasy (although preferably not for that very odd man who lives up the road with the tartan scarf and the Yorkshire terrier who sniffs a lot).

BUT what I do have a HUGE objection to is that apparently, in R&R's  fantasy I'm called Mindy!!!

MINDY FFS what does that make him??


No sex I can live with if I must.

Alien sex, (even in someone else's fantasy) well,  that's just way too weird for me!

And swinging right back to the beginning again.

The Hayseed Dixi's

Never heard of them?

Google - 'The moonshiners daughter'  - if I were ever to marry again I want it as my opening song.

Believe it or not it is slightly more classy that the one I had at my first wedding - read this if you don't believe me.  And, if you don't think THAT was bad enough - feel free to read the story of my honeymoon ;)

In fact - here you go - have the link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1dY04exnjs

 (but for god's sake, DON'T play it in the office ;)

Today's shout out is for Mrs Woog - yep, I know.  Someone of Mrs Woogs mega blog status really doesn't need a shout out from me.

But anyone who writes a post about sexing chickens does, in my opinion, deserve proper recognition :)


Anonymous said...

Ms Mac you do make me laugh...

Lou :-)

B said...

Am I the 'B' who should not google hog tied? I will be safe and not do it anyway. I am a little freaked that that comment came just before the mention of a rabbit...

You crack me up!

The Rambling Pages said...

Once again sat laughing, its the way you write it!

All I can say is would Mork be uttering NaNooNaNoo during this sexy interlude in the shower with Mindy?

The Rambling Pages said...

PS by the way thank you for feeling so strongly about my pre-judgement! Thing is I have just left you another comment on my blog as I kind of think my description of this 1950's mother is a bit of a pre-judgement in itself as well! Love Mrs Fish-Wife x

Anonymous said...

this did make me giggle

Fiona @nlpmum said...

Blimey, you really are off on a ramble today!! Love Hayseed Dixie - saw them live a couple of years ago... fab. Sex with an alien could be interesting, but I've never fancied Mork.

Sarah Mac said...

And you me Lou (as well as envious of your lovely new life;) x

It was you B although it also applies to anyone who doesn't already know what it is. If you don't it's probably because you don't need to know!

RP - I cut him short when he told me I was called Mindy - further details NOT required ;)

Oh, and don't be too nice (although you were FAR nicer than me) I have replied to your comment ;)

I'm usually good for a giggle CJL and if you can't laugh with me I'm very happy for anyone to laugh at me :)

Me too Fiona - I saw them a few years ago at Beautiful Days - got to love a band that have a song with 'I want to worship your persona on the altar of my balona' in the lyrics of a song :)

Not only could I not fancy Mork I'd never be able to maintain Mindy perfect bob either (and I'm talking hairstyle here btw ;)

helloitsgemma said...

mmmmmm - strange.

Sarah Mac said...

My sentiments EXACTLY Gemma ;