Saturday, 12 November 2011

Bang Bang - you shot me down .....

Those of you who briefly caught Tuesdays post may be relieved to know that the feckin' hamster lives to sleep another day.

Figgy (like the pudding) is still round, brown, full of fruit, nuts and life.

That little fecker was just messin' with me!

Those of you who didn't see it possibly don't need to know that I'd put my daughter to bed strongly suspecting there was a dead body in her room ....

Equally, you probably don't need a re-run of the fascinating FB status updates I posted between February 14th and the end of March this year which constituted the remainder of my post and, to be honest, as it would involve my trawling back through FB  again, a process almost as enjoyable as licking the toilet bowl, I really can't be arsed (well, unless you really, really insist )

Where that blog post went is any ones guess!!

I certainly have NO idea and blogger has refused me entry to my dashboard since Tuesday morning meaning no NaPloBloMo for the last few days.  I'm hoping that doesn't eliminate me from the challenge!!

It also means my own personal challenge - the FB social experiment.  sadly went out the window.

 I've spent all my time trying to get this thing back up and running and not insulting my FB friends at all. I may have to consider resurrecting it later in the month.

Of course it's equally possible that no one missed me at all ........  ;)

I've not spent much time on FB this week so I popped back earlier to see what I'd missed  ...

OMG! - Now that I have, I'm kind of wishing I hadn't!!

My very good friend who bore the brunt of my insults (well, you did make yourself SUCH and easy target lovely xx)  obviously decided to get her own back by posting this photo of me:

I have absolutely NO recollection of this being taken.  Not a clue where it is either.

I'm pretty sure she's photo shopped my nose (surely it can't be THAT big!) as well as adding a fake arm which appears to be twice the size of the other one!

Hmm, as you can see, it was taken in the days before hair straighteners too ...

Master Mac is wearing his adorable 'WTF'  face which I can hardly blame him for as I appear to be feeding him vomit!

Ha ha, you got me Maggiemou!

(In my defence, I was 6 months pregnant when this was taken and that's is my excuse for wearing something that looks suspiciously like a boiler suit except I'm fairly confident that I've never owned one!)


Claire said...

hilarious! I was just reading your last post about the FB challenge when this post popped up. I love the idea of insulting your facebook friends. I have had 6 defriendings in the last week but they have been because I offended them in person. I should have just shouted lol or PMSL or ROFL at the end of my 'you are a total arse!' insult.

Maggie said...

am so glad you liked the photo - it was one of the best ones..... :)

Sarah Mac said...

To be honest Claire - some of my FB friends really do ask for it lol (see what I did there;) - 6 friends all in one go - respect girl :) I haven't lost any yet but I'm working on it!

Ha ha Maggie - don't doubt it - post any of the truly awful ones and I may do the same for you ;) xx

Anonymous said...

wow certianly mayhem atm for u, I hope ur fb experiment comes up with something interesting ! :)

Rollercoaster Mum said...

Glad to hear you found the errant hamster and I still look forward to seeing if your fb experiment works!

Germ Freak Laura said...

I unfriended several FB friends a few weeks ago. I figured if they couldn't be bothered to "like" my new Facebook Germ-Freak page for my blog, then they weren't very good friends! So there! haha
Your comments on your pic totally cracked me up! Too funny! ;-)

Sarah Mac said...

Thanks all - somehow managed to miss replying to the comments on this one!

The hamster is safe and sound.

The FB experiment hasn't gone so well really - all I seem to get on my wall is cute baby photos but I'm doing my best!

I'm terrified what she will post next Laura - I know that was probably one of the best she has of me :)

Germ Freak Laura said...

Oh no! Well, you better be extra nice to her since she has such an arsenal she can use against you at any time! ROTFL!
My latest blog pissed my mom off, but I was so ticked off when I wrote it I figured I didn't care, knowing she'd be mad! Oh well! *shrugs shoulders*
Boy, writing can really be EMPOWERING, can't it?!
mua ha ha