Saturday, 26 November 2011

Saturday is Caption Day!

Joining up with Mamasaurus  for Saturday is Caption Day

Saturday Is Caption Day

carefully placing his latest offering on top of the toilet cistern Sarah reflected,  that , yet again, he had completely misinterpreted her request to 'give me wood'
SHOUT OUT ALERT!!!  You need to read this post I've only got half way through and had to stop because I was afraid Id wet myself laughing .

Lesley - you are a NUTTER and I love you for it! xx


Mammasaurus said...

Sarah wanted to play Wheres Wally but the messaged had been misunderstood ...

pam said...

The latest from Ann Summers' nautical range!

pam said...

I love that you get me and I've missed you these past few weeks
:) xx.
When I click on the link though, it takes me to my inbox where it alerts me you've left me a message on my blog!

Is this just cos it's me? Does the link work for everyone else?

Sarah Mac said...

Haha, I like it Mamasaurus :)

Ouch PP!!

That'll teach me to test the link!

~Sorted now - it took me to my inbox - glad it didn't take everyone there or you would have seen all my spam :)

I have MISSED you too! xx

Actually Mummy said...

Oh my that's a big one!

Sarah Mac said...

isn't it just AM :)