Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Today I really want to write my new WoW post.

Yep, Write on Wednesday with Gill over at Ink, Paper, Pen is back!!!

I've missed it but it's left me with a bit of a quandary ...

The break away from the Rock Chick story has been good.

I had wondered if it had come to a natural end with the telling of the bangle story and it has in a way.

Pandora's box has been gently closed.

But it's left a gap and I'm not sure how to fill it.

There is a sub story which fits with the prompt and I have a part written post.

 Maybe I'll take another look a little later and see how it plays out.

Meanwhile, as the title of the post suggests, I'm looking for distraction.

Today is the first day for a long time where I don't have anything planned.

A great day to think about going through my wardrobe and bagging up  all that stuff for the charity shops.

One of the things I'm aiming to do this year is to stabilise my weight.

I'm not going to bang on about it too much.  I'm well aware that many people are struggling to lose a few extra pounds after the Christmas excesses and it might sound a little smug to say I need to put a few on.

Having said that, the health implications associated with being underweight are just as significant as those associated with being overweight particularly (and it kills me to say this!) at my age.

I also hate the fact that I lose if from my face very quickly and I don't carry any extra there anyway so I just end up looking gaunt and ill.

SO, having said I wont bang on about it, I'll stop!  I have an eating programme in place and I'm starting to see benefits already.

I'm also exercising more (hence the beach visits) and really walking rather than just strolling.

Maybe I might even join Matt for a cycle ride (yeah, maybe not ;).

This morning I very reluctantly slid out of bed (has anyone else noticed, the mornings are getting LIGHTER!!!).

Well, it was still dark then and my bed was so warm and cosy.  I invested in a new duvet at the weekend.  For once I decided that I deserved a decent one and god, it's been a revelation!!! 

It's like being wrapped in a big, soft cloud and for a change I'm sleeping so well.

So, I did what I always do and shot downstairs to turn the heating up full blast so the house warmed a little before the children got up and went to turn the shower on.

Now when I redecorated my bathroom I didn't put the loo roll holder back.  That wasn't because I couldn't be bothered but because of this:

most of the radiators in my house are convectors as well - there is NOTHING better on a cold morning than preheated loo roll ;)

This morning as I lifted the loo roll up, something dropped out and rolled across the floor.

And I discovered this:

yes, it's a satsuma!

Miss Mac has some rather masculine tendencies and likes to read the newspaper on the loo.  It's seems she like to snack too!

However, having peeled the satsuma she decided she didn't want it after all and the obvious solution was to drop it inside the toilet roll!!!

One last piece of distraction.

I seem to have managed to break a bone in my hand. 

How ...?     

By smacking some motherf*cker upside the head of course ;)      

No, no really.  I actually managed to do it by simply taking a bag from Master Mac containing a pair of trainers that he'd taken away for the weekend with him.  As I turned my hand something just snapped.

Weird no?

yes, it does bloody hurt!

Ok, enough distraction - Time to do STUFF and sort out my WoW post.

 I'm on it Gill  :)                 


Kelloggsville said...

But when you gain weight does it go back on your face last. Mine does. That hand looks sore. Take more calcium with it.

pam said...

I always wake up with a crick in my neck and have invested in a memory foam pillow. I am now crickless :)
Sometimes, the problem just needs money throwing at it!
Wish I could say the same for your hand x

Sarah Mac said...

My face is always the last place to fill out K so even when I have put some weight on people don't tend to notice it much. It is pretty sore when I turn it, other than that, it's ok. x

I wouldn't say no to someone throwing money at my hand(s) Lesley ;)

I was the same with pillows although I didn't really get on well with the memory foam I LOVE my duck feather ones I bought last year.

Who knew spending a few extra quid would make such a difference, I've had 3 nights in a row of 6 hours uninturrupted sleep! x