Monday, 30 January 2012

Seasoned Thief!

Someone seems to have stolen spring
Well they'd better bring it back!
Cause Im telling you this snow and shit
Does NOT suit Sarah Mac!

With legs like mine its a long way down
and my arse doesnt have much padding
Ive piled on so many damned layers
I look like Im wearing cladding!!!


Anonymous said...

lol Sarah

A poet and you didn't know it....lol

Take it the weather has taken a turn for the worse over there...

Lou :-)

The Rambling Pages said...

ohhh don't like the sound of that balshemous word - snow, pahhhh. I was a little shocked driving over the pennines the other night to see a couple of inches of snow. I am driving down saufff next week so pray there is no snow, please, please, please.

I have taken to wearing my dressing gown round the house over my clothes, keeps me quite toasty, just dont go out in it!

Sarah said...

Hmmm, not happy Lou. Not happy at all! x

Hate the sodding stuff RP. It's not lying here it's too wet so fingers crossed. I could do a whole post on what Im wearing today ;-) x

The Rambling Pages said...

Can't beleive my spelling of blasphemous either!!