Sunday, 15 January 2012

Second Date

Ok, so it's all set for Wednesday.

Dinner seemed just a little too .......... datey??? to me.

I'm not really sure I'm up for that just yet and, as Matt's work involves working the odd Saturday it also means that he sometimes gets a day off during the week and this Wednesday is it.

So dinner has become lunch which I'm a little more comfortable with and so far I've only manged one more tiny little faux pas so I reckon things are going pretty well.

Oh, the faux pas??? ...

Hmm, well, another well thought out text from me.

As I mentioned, Matt knows about the social experiment element (although I hasten to add that if I didn't actually LIKE him there would be no 2nd date).

Anyway, that obviously means that he knows about my blog BUT I don't want him to read it just yet.

So much easier to write honestly if you aren't inhibited by the subject of a post actually reading it (NOT that that seems to have influenced me all that much in the past ;).

Anyway, I kind of explained that and he gets it, although naturally he IS curious (possibly why he's risking a 2nd date ...  after all, if he didn't then he'd never find out what I've written would he ... hmm again!).

So anyway.

Over the weekend we were both pretty busy.

Him with his stuff and me, well, I needed a distraction with the children being away so, I did what I always do when I want to escape, I headed for the beach :)

Budleigh Salterton to be precise.

Previously undiscovered by me as tbh it's a place where the very (and I mean VERY) wealthy go to die retire and so I'd worked on the mistaken assumption that it had nothing much to offer me.

Well, I was wrong, look: (apologies if you have already seen some of these on FB).



It is actually really very beautiful :) 

It was also bloody cold.

I now fully appreciate the phrase 'freezing your t*ts off!!).

Fortunately it also has an abundance of little tea shoppe's to thaw out in.

Ok, I can hear you at the back muttering 'but what the f*ck WAS it you said in that text!!!'

Oh, nuthin' much really ....

Ok, dammit,  I'll tell you then.

I SAID .... (and I quote).

 'If you are prepared to risk a second date with me then I really do have to admire your balls'.

Bugger ...


Salamander said...

God, Sarah, I love your work. And now if you'll excuse me, I must go and work on my pelvic floor exercises. It would appear that they are in need of some help. You fault entirely!!! Balls, indeed.

Sarah Mac said...

Ah, that dammned floor Sal - I've had trouble with mine once or twice in the past ... xx