Monday, 23 January 2012

Happiness Is ...

Last night I decided I was due a Fuckit day.

Everyone needs a fuckit day every now and then.

For those who haven't come across this before It's a day when, if it doesn't taste nice, smell good or make you smile you say 'fuckit, I'm not interested!'

Whatever crap comes your way you just put it to one side and leave it until tomorrow.

Occasionally, just occasionally you will find something (or even someone) who ticks all of those boxes that's pretty amazing and makes it a day to be treasured.

Today it was unlikely to be a someone as all I had planned was a brief trip up to the hospital (slight blip which I will NOT dwell on today!) which meant that I needed to find things to make me happy.

On a fuckit day you don't just sit back waiting for things to come to you.  You get out there and look for them (never confuse a fuckit day with an 'I can't be fucked day').

Ok, I seem to have a pretty high F count already in this post so I'm going to assume from now on that you get the point and I'll stop banging on about it ;).

I love food.  I love to cook.  I REALLY love to cook for people.  The Mac's however are teenagers.  Frankly they don't give a f..... if I've spent half the day slaving over a bubbling pan or just chucked a jar of sauce over some pasta.

It's not that they don't LIKE food, just that they aren't particularly discerning.

Last night's herb crusted rack of lamb was greeted by 'what's for pudding' (one day the realisation that we rarely have pudding will dawn on Master Mac!)
and, 'can we have chicken next Sunday' - 'Yes Miss Mac, we can have chicken next Sunday, just like we did LAST Sunday, just like we would have every bloody Sunday until we all grow feathers and start roosting in straw filled boxes if you had your way!'

Don't get me wrong, I really like chicken but I also like a bit of diversity.

Anyway, today I made .......

Boeuf Bourguignon ala Julia Child - it's simmering away in the slow cooker (ok, not strictly like Julia then but following her recipe).

I wish I had a scratch and sniff button on my blog.  OMG it smells FAN F*CKI ......  Umm, I mean, really bloody good!!

And no, this culinary delight is not being wasted on the Macs - nope, once this baby is cooked and cooled it's going in the freezer for the weekend and a hopefully more appreciative audience (it's even better when it's been reheated).

Ok, this is where my day took on a slightly surreal note.

I've mentioned my domestic sluttery tendencies once or twice.  I may have slightly exagerated them from time to time (although I am still firmly of the belief that everyone else lives in a show home).

I do however have my little foibles. 

I'm ever so slightly obsessive about cleaning the loo (but I put that down to having a teenage boy in the house).  I also can't cope with watermarks on cutlery or the kettle. 

Oh, and one thing people ALWAYS seem to find amusing for some reason is the way I lay everything neatly on the conveyor belt at the supermarket, everything facing the same way ect, it really offends me when people just chuck it all on.  I even have to resist the urge to tidy it up for people I don't know (why am I telling you this shit???)

Every now and then I have the odd urge to don the marigolds and break out the bleach.

I think it's probably a control thing, trying to counteract those damned 'things'!
Anyway today was one of those days.

(nb: Cleaning is allowed on a fuckit day if it makes me happy :)

So my house now smells of delicious food, bleach and clean washing.

I'm knackered having scrubbed floors, cupboards, doors and walls (oh no, I don't do it by halves;), changed beds, cleaned windows and polished the animals.

I'm thinking that tomorrow may possibly be an 'I'm completely fucked day' ;)


Anonymous said...

Think I might just hop over to you for dinner at the weekend,although I'm not too sure how your super duper dinner would scale on my new diet regime...

Tonight we are having Chicken Stirfry...i am slightly in shock because when I told the boys Henry said "whatever Mum, I've decided to just go with the flow" which a huge change from, "can't I just have super noodles or chips or something cos I don't like...."

I am sure I will get over the shock - perhaps I should go on a cleaning binge although S has already put on the diet tracker for today that we are doing a 45 minutes brisk walk....if the rain doesn't hold off he will be walking alone...lol

Lou :-)

PS: Desserts are rarely seen here either...

AGuidingLife said...

Whereas I have 'today not one single gram of fuck shall be given' days. Not sure I could be arsed with a fuckit day.

Sarah said...

It would blow your diet right out of the window Lou :) butter, lardons ect but god, it's worth it! I shall cook it for you one day!

Gus and I went for a brisk walk today as well, another reason I'm shattered. x

I have days like that too K, they get me into lots of trouble!! I actually had one last week and then spent most of the weekend thinking 'f u c k!' :) x