Wednesday, 11 January 2012

If It All Goes Horribly Wrong Then Blame Lou ;)

Ok, so I only went and did it!

I took Lou's advice and sent a message back to Matt.

I even managed not to make any suggestions on sexual positions he might like to try out on a first date.

I did talk a bit about arses though ....

Well, he started it and I was only trying to put him at his ease ...

We chatted a little.

He's a keen cyclist - Ooh, me too!

He loves skiing - Ooh, me too!

H doesn't wear a toupee - OOH, ME TOO

He's an optician - Ooh ....

Hmm, ok, so I had to confess that I  don't do any of the above.

 I don't own a bike.  I've never skied (well, dry slop skiing once) I have more than enough hair for several people and I'm not an optician.

Obviously, being in the trade, he was first attracted to my eyes.

Apparently I don't just have Heterochromia, I have STRICT heterochromia which is far rarer.

I am indeed a highly prized freak of nature :)

For those of you who don't know, I have different coloured eyes, one blue, one green.

As Matt explained, this is far more common in dogs, particularly collies and huskies.

(Ok, so he may need to work on his seduction technique just a little ;)

BUT, once we had ascertained that a first date to him didn't mean a 100 mile round cycle trip for me (people really do that for FUN you know!!) and could include coffee and even perhaps cake we settled on meeting up ......


Oh, and yes, I did tell him he was a social experiment but it didn't seem to put him off too much.


Unknown said...

Have fun...

Online dating. Been there. Done that. The good the bad the ugly...

Was an interesting experiment.

As I was leaving, I ended up going out on a date, and nearly 12 months later, are still dating him. ;) funnily enough, he was the last. I was the most myself on it, and the rest is history.

Sarah said...

I love a happy ending Vicky and I know of a few through internet dating.

I've made several friends through it so even if the 'happy ever after' eludes me it's not all bad.

1 hour to go and who knows, I may have another new friend :)

AGuidingLife said...

*taps fingers impatiently waiting for update*

Sarah said...

Needless to say K it was not 'uneventful' ;)

Salamander said...

Now, I know I'm playing catch-up a little here, but OMG woman!!! We are twins!!! I have one blue eye and one green eye too!!!!!!! Didn't know there was a proper name for it, other than "Holy shit, your eyes are different colours - are your parents siblings???" That's the only comment I've ever received.
He he he.

Sarah said...

Now that is freaky Sal!

I've come across people with the same colour but slightly different shades of eyes before and people with splodges of different colour in one eye but NEVER anyone the same as me!

My left is blue and my right green, not immediately noticable to some people particularly if I'm wearing makeup but they are completely different. x