Monday, 30 January 2012

The Post I Meant To Write Yesterday

I HAD intended to tell you about my weekend yesterday but sometimes , something just taps away at your brian, like donkey from Shrek jumping up and down shouting, 'Pick me, pick me!' ... and so you do because you know, like a toddler having a tantrum it's not going to stop until you pay it some attention.

Or is that just me?

Anyway, today is grey and cold and it's snowing. 

Not the light, floating, Christmas card type of snow that (at least for a while) you can enjoy the beauty of, but the half rain, half snow, but not quite sleet kind of stuff.

Enough to make you feel chilled to the bone and tired and like you want to crawl back into bed as it hits the wet pavement and dissolves.

And I am SO bloody tired today :(

But on Saturday ...

The weather was fantastic!!

Cold (OMG was it cold!) but brilliantly sunny - the kind of weather that makes you feel really alive!!

Of COURSE I went to the beach :)

Two actually - West Bay and then, on the way home, Lyme Regis to drink coffee and eat cake and watch the sun go down sitting on the veranda of a bar with great patio heaters.

Oh, and not forgetting a brief stop between the two to capture the sun setting over Seatown.
So, with no further waffle from me (and as ever my phone doesn't fully capture the colour and depth, it WAS sunny, honest! ;) ...

West Bay:


Sunset Over Seatown:

Lyme Regis as the sun disappeared:

Here's hoping your Saturday was as chilled as mine :)


Kelloggsville said...

That looks lovely. I found a new local walk which was lovely, I repeated iton Sunday in the cold mist. But there is no cake and coffee stop on my walk. I wish I was by the sea.

Sarah Mac said...

The kettles always on and there's always cake if you ever fancy a trip to the West Country to check out the beaches :) x

pam said...

I am really homesick just now and grew up on the beach, so I needed this x

Sarah Mac said...

I hope it helped a little Lesley and you are so welcome to come and experience the real thing ANY time! x