Sunday, 29 January 2012

The Greeks Didn't Write Obituaries

They just asked one question of a man after he died:

'Did He Have Passion?'


Kelloggsville said...

Have you?

Sarah Mac said...

This started out as a much longer post K about life, love, hope, over coming adversity ...

Passion is the key to it all isn't it?

Tiffiny said...

I agree Passion is the key. We are most alive and the happiest when passion rules our days. The Greeks had it right.

Sarah Mac said...

I think so too Tiffiny - without it nothing seems worth the fight and life is grey.

Who wants grey when you can have colour?

Anonymous said...

The greeks didn't write obituaries, but I did tag you with the Blog Buddies Questionnaire - see my latest post for details....lol

Lou :-)

Kelloggsville said...

I have passion about the wrong things. Like wasting my passion on falling out with traffic wardens instead of saving the earth. Does it matter what the passion is wasted on? Would the Greek say 'yes but she was a ranty crock' ?

danneromero said...

was the info used somehow? in some way?

Sarah Mac said...

Thanks Lou - I will take a look when I have a few minutes to spare (you are going to make me think of things to tell you aren't you ;) xxx

It's the passion that counts K whatever it's directed at. Nothing wrong with being a ranty crock ... ;) x

I don't think it was used in any way - I think it was more like a statement, a pared down obituary if you like.

The point being that the most important thing was for a man to have passion and belief and to fight for the things that really matter because without that what does he have? I don't know really ... an easy life I guess without adversity but also without passion.

I know which I'd choose.

Anyway, that's just my take on it :)