Monday, 9 January 2012

Epic Fail

Way, way back, sometime at the beginning of December you may remember I told you the story of how I ended up on Badoo (FB's dating website).

Now, after my last social experiment epic fail (how to alienate all your FB friends) I was determined that I was going to go ALL the way with this one and post a selection of messages I'd  received and let you guys chose which one I went on a date with.

Anyway, 'things' got in the way and after a really good start I let it slide.

The emails from Badoo have continued to drop into my inbox and I've ignored them UTILL last night.

I was curious, I couldn't sleep and I was bored so I thought it might be time to revisit Badoo.

Ok, now I'm going to rewind a little and go right back to the beginning.

My very first message was ... possibly from a pshyco interesting.  He waxed lyrical about my beauty, how overjoyed he would be to have someone like me on his arm, how he longed to kiss my lips and how he hoped that this was the beginning of a beautiful relationship ..... (cue noise of car slamming on brakes, crashing gears and reversing at high speed!).

My second message was more promising.

Short, pithy and with a little touch of humour.

Oh, and he was local, absolutely gorgeous and had a great smile.

At the end of his message he said, 'can I ask you a question?'.

Well, I picked up this message as I was walking into town and  I decided not to lose anytime and send a reply straight away.

What was I thinking???

Me, the effing android and my fat fongerz, SUCH a bad combination whilst walking!!!

Curious about what he wanted to ask me I started typing. .
Like me, many of you probably use predictive text.  It saves so much time and just generally makes life easier.

I don't know if yours works in the same way as mine but after 2 letters mine will make suggestions based on the words I most use.

Merrily I typed (or at least intended to type) 'of course you can ask me a question'.

Part way through the message I realised that the predictive text had substituted a word for me.

Smiling I hit the back space ......

Not looking where I was going I nearly walked into a lady walking the other way.  After apologising profusely I went back to finish my message

Fuck, fuck, F U U U C K  - I'd hit send by mistake!

So, the message I'd actually sent read:

'Of course you can ARSE me'!!!

I pondered my position for a while and decided that there really was no way back whichever way he replied but, I needn't have worried ...


I have so much more to share but I don't want to shoot my bolt (such a descriptive phrase) so I'll do a series of small posts on this after leaving you with one of this mornings offerings:

Spunky - 27 - from London - 'I'd take you'.


Unknown said...

Text walking can be as dangerous as drink driving. At least it gives you(and us) a giggle.

Anonymous said...

I know lol is so ubtrendy these days but..... lol!!!!

Sarah said...

Haha, if I though quick enough I could have sent another maessage MJ - 'so sorry I suggested you might like to 'arse me' but I was drink driving at the time and cannot be held responsible'.

How different the outcome might have been :)

Lol, I know LHW but sometimes it just has to be said ;) x

Carmen said...

clearly he isn't worth anything then... because I'd only want a man who DID reply to that arse comment with something just as hilarious!

Sarah said...

Couldn't agree more Carmen - if there's one thing I really love in a man it's one that shares my sense of humour (surprisingly they are few and far between;)

AGuidingLife said...

oh I'm with Carmen. Sense of humour failure in a man so not worth going there. Although I thought my husband had a sense of humour until I married him. hmmmm I wonder if that's when he lost it lol (what should I be saying instead of lol these days?!)

Sarah said...

I used to think mine did too K but I suspect it may just have beem indigestion ;)

No idea what we are supposed to say instead so I'll just keep on saying lol until the children tell me what the latest version is.