Monday, 16 January 2012

Only superstition

Ok, so there's something that's been bugging me for a while.

I'm not a particularly superstitious person BUT!!!

The number 13 keeps coming up over and over with a certain person (no, it's not Matt the Op).

I don't just mean once in a while but several times a week in various forms.

The first time I noticed it I didn't really give it much thought but since then it just seems to jump out at me.


Possibly ...


Certainly ...

A load of  old b*llocks??

Probably ...

What do you think?


From the Mind of a Madman said...

Everybody has their number I think.... for me for whatever reason its 56... I see it everywhere! Its like its following me!


Sarah Mac said...

possibly, the number 17 comes up in my life quite often but 13 is in relation to someone else ... I don't know, it's just a little weird.

Anonymous said...

Cant say I have ever noticed a number cropping up in my life on a regular basis> Isn't there a kind of spooky film with Jim carey about the number 13 though - I'm sure 13 is a significant number for some reason, can't think why though.

Hmmm its interesting Sarah thats for sure..

Lou :-)

Anonymous said...

Look here


Carmen said...

13 is my favorite number, so I'd say its a sign. A sign that maybe we are BFFLETWHNM (Best friends even though we havent met - OBVIOUSLY)

And I threw in the xtra N to see if you were paying attention... BFFLETWHNM always pay attention

Sarah Mac said...

Thanks Lou, I'll check it out.

Like I said, I wouldn't normally give something like that a second thought but it's happening so often that I can't igmore it, it's a little spooky! x

I noticed the extra F and L too Carmen ;) x

Carmen said...

well fuck. The extra F was for FOREVER *sigh*

Sarah Mac said...

Damn, I deleted my first comment because of a spelling mistake and I HAD put in brakets that I assumed it meant forever!!!