Friday, 1 April 2011

Today in my garden

I found a rather large pair of MS control pants, Im thinking, they're not mine!

My dilemma was, what to do with them?

Should I flip them over the fence and pass them down the line or, should I conduct a house to house enquiry???

My dog, who is very sensitive and wary of all things nylon solved the dilemma for me by peeing on them.

We both sat and looked at the offending garment for a while and eventually I decided they must be disposed of.

Not overly keen on handling voluminous undergarments at the best of times I carefully picked them up with the bbq tongs. Just to tease Gus (the dog) a little, I waved them about a bit (if only Id remembered he had peed on them BEFORE doing that!) and disposed of them in the bin.

Now I am faced with a new dilemma, Should I replace the bbq tongs now that Ive told you all or, shall I just wave aside the sausages in the summer and pretend to be on a diet??

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Catherine said...

This is exactly why I love your blog- you are one twisted sister which I love.

Cultural question though- what are MS control pants? I think they mean something very different to m than you!

So glad you started all this and continue to stick with it!

Sarah Mac said...

Ah, it should say M and S Catherine as in Marks and Spencer. MS IS a completely different thing in all cultures I think ;) Ha ha, can't believe I missed that!

Oh, and I've kept the tongs, you never know when you're going to have that very 'special'guest.

MultipleMum said...

Too funny! I wonder whose they were? Your dog sounds like an ally! Thanks for Rewinding x

Gemma @ My Big Nutshell said...

bloody funny!

InkPaperPen said...

Cute, quirky first post. And funny!

So you've kept the tongs...used them yet?!


Sarah Mac said...

Gus IS a bit of a star MM and there were a few suspects but it seemed best to let sleeping dogs lie ;)

Cheers Gemma, it started a bit of an obsession with control pants for a while but I'm over it now! x

Not yet Gill, but their time will come (and if it doesn't I can at least have fun planning it:) x

Kim H said...

LOL Sarah! So funny! hey, just dip those tongs in a little bit of tea tree oil, they'll be fine;) PS I think I'll be passing on the snags if I ever get to BBQ at yours. LOL

Sarah Mac said...

Haha, I promise I did buy another pair Kim (but I have those in reserve;)

Kim-Marie said...

I found a NZ chocolate bar wrapper in my back garden the other day. I am a Kiwi who is rather fond of NZ chocolate, but it wasn't mine. Maybe it was your neighbours? After all, if she eats large quantities of NZ chocolate, she may be in desperate need of the Marks & Sparks control knickers!

Anonymous said...

That's a first world problem if I ever saw one. far out man. I'd die if knickers landed in my yard. An as for the tongs, they'd be history. Thanks for linking with us X

Tegan Churchill said...

My neighbours constantly hang their clothes over my fence...of course they end up in my back yard...I now pretend I haven't seen them when they ask...usually after I have taken them to lifeline. Still they haven't learned to use the perfectly good clothesline in their back yard.