Friday, 15 April 2011

I am NOT a plumber

Im not a plumber or an electrician, a decorator or landscape gardener, but hey, that doesnt stop me giving it a go!

I live in a house that I used to fondly describe as having 'rustic charm' obviously that is a euphamism for damp, crumbling paster and dodgy electrics.

But I like to think Im not a helpless female so I'll give most things a go. If nothing else I can derive pleasure from the look of terror on my childrens faces when I say Im going to 'fix' something.

The electrics for instance, when I turned my dishwasher on and there was a loud bang resulting in no lights downstairs the obvious thing might have been to call in a 'man who can' (when I say obvious, I mean, obviously I should have!) Firstly I went out to the garden and paint a couple of pots pink, having restored my equilibrium I then stared at the fuse box for a little while. Finally conceding I may need just a 'little' help, I turned to my face book friends for advice. Ha ha, that was my first mistake!

potty in pink

Long involved explanations on pushing switches down ect followed. Back I went to my fuse box, instructions duely written down ....... what switches??? I dont have any bloody switches! It transpired, like everything else in my house, I have the 'quaint' type of old fashioned fuse box. Laden with yet more instructions about fuse wire and 'stuff' I set to work.

Would it matter I asked if I put the fuses back in the wrong order, would the house blow up? Apparently YES! Panic of epic proportions on FB THAT night!!! I was only KIDDING (I eventually told them) Id colour coded them with nail varnish!

Having decided that possibly Im not cut out to be an electrician I decided to tackle the constant drip from the toilet cistern, hmmm, yep, that's ticked off the list too, I am NOT a plumber (but I do need one even more so now)!

 Finally, I found my niche, I am a decorator! Well, after a fashion, being a fan of all things seaside it seemed quite logical to me to paint my bathroom in blue and white stripes to resemble a beach hut AND having plenty of paint left over it also seemed logical to paint my shed to match!

My beach hut shed
my bathroom

Shortly I plan to try my hand at feline midwifery having discovered that my completely unfounded belief that my cat was barren is just that, unfounded!

Zebedee, Tillys eldest


Anonymous said...

Good on you for attempting to fix the lights... I would just call a man who can. And good like with your midwifery endeavours.

Sarah Mac said...

I do like to give things a go (with varying degrees of success).

The kittens arrived a few weeks ago with my daughter playing midwife and are now bouncing around causing chaos!

Being Me said...

I wouldn't have thought to try those things myself (not out of safety concerns, but lack of self-belief!) Gorgeous beach hut shed! You are totes a decorator. And that is one very cute kiitten pic aww.

Sarah Mac said...

My self belief can sometimes be a little over-rated I have to admit. There is a reason why people spend years learning a trade.

I love my shed too, it really cheers up my garden even in the winter. And the kittens, 5 weeks today and still very cute!

Maxabella said...

I'll give most things a go myself... sometimes to my husband's utter terror! Won't touch the sparks, but what's a little water amongst friends, right?

Thanks for linking up, Sarah. Just quietly, it's meant to be a 'Grateful' post and a link back to the linky would make me grateful too... just sayin'.

Have a great weekend. x