Sunday, 3 April 2011

The things people say

This week The Lounge is being hosted by RoboMum and its all about the Bbq - this one almost beat me as I dont bbq- EVER!

I find this post though where it gets a mention ;-)

As I've mentioned before, I am a lover of words and quotes, they don't have to be by famous people (Although Groucho Marks IS a personal favourite).  I find the people around me provide enjoyment with the things they say.

My children are a priceless example, 'your bottoms to big for those pants',  Hmmm, I hadn't even asked 'does my bum look big in this'!!! (although I DID  have to concede she was right).

sweetie pickers should!

'I'm not entirely sure where my placenta is', an example from one of my dearest friends ( no, she wasn't pregnant at the time).

 Also, from the same friend, 'I'll pay you in a minute taxi driver, I'm just mowing the grass' (hmmm, no C, you're blowing your nose).

 'Help, I'm driving round to your house now, get the scissors out, I've got the bloody hairbrush STUCK in my hair' (C again). 

'I'm sitting in the dark empathising with Esmerelda' (C's blind, bald hamster)  I did feel I had to point out that being blind it was possible that Esmerelda wasn't getting the full benefit of her empathy.

 'Of course I wouldn't have driven off had I realised Id just reversed over my own cat' (again, C).

 'I'm at the casualty department with the toilet cistern' (yep, C strikes again).

Just in case you thought C had the monopoly on madness, I do have other friends ;-). 

I  'lost' M once (well, more than once to be perfectly honest) in an underground car park in the early hours of a Saturday morning, she just VANISHED. Having had a vodka or two and not wishing to draw attention to myself I wondered around the rows of cars hissing 'M, where the bloody hell are you?' for a while and smiling inanely at passers by.

 Eventually a voice behind me said 'is this what your looking for?' and 'can you move her, I'd really like to go home', hmmm, feeling a little worse for wear and very tired she had decided to take a 'nap' on the floor of the car park. 

The other time I 'lost' her was when on leaving a kebab shop (again in the early hours)  I saw her disappearing up the road in the back of a white van.  I suppose on refection I should have been worried but at the time it didn't seem too out of the ordinary. 

She turned up at my house two hours later with a litre of semi skimmed, I didn't ask for details.  M and I have history and some day I may inflict it on you.

Possibly my favourite quote comes from Rowland who asked, 'the invitation says to bring something with you, do you think boil in the bag cod would be ok?'

 (HUGE grin)  'Perfect Rowland, the BBQ starts at 6!'  Rowland doesn't have a girlfriend but Im sure, somewhere out there, there is someone for him


The mum of all trades said...

am having a chuckle at some of these !

Sarah Mac said...

Some of my friends are a little 'odd' to say the least!

Maybe I should do a post on the things people DO. But thinking about it, that might end up being mostly be about me :)

Michelle Twin Mum said...

Lol, C sounds quite a character and would have loved to see Rowlands cod on the barbie! Thanks for joininig in with reason to be cheerful. If you link up on Thursday/ Friday you will find more people visit from the hop.

Mich x

Sarah Mac said...

Rowland was persuaded NOT to throw his plastic wrapped cod on the coals sadly.

Thank you for the heads up, I will see you at the end of the week.

Sarah x

Catherine said...

I'm thinking maybe you need to put C on commission for providing post fodder!

Kim Frost said...

Mmmmm cod wrapped in plastic, ready to boil. My mouth is watering… except the watering kind it does before you vomit. Pop that on the barbie… that WOULD be a party trick worth watching!! :)

Sarah said...

Rowland is often rather confused Kim ;-)