Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Slightly Singed (part two)

You get all sorts of people at the beach and I DO love to people watch. From time to time yesterday I laid my book aside and drank in the rich and varied life forms sharing the sands with me.

There were the two little Brummie boys intent on something that required close inspection.

Gradually their conversation filtered through to me and it was intriguing. Clever Trevor's going to win I heard one say. No, Drop Dead Gary's going to get there first said the other. All the time watching and waiting for something I couldn't see!

After a couple of minutes, YAY, told you, Clever Trevor got there first! The little sods had buried two ladybirds in the sand and were waiting to see which one dug itself out first!

There was the Dad, totally immersed in building a sandcastle with his small son, both gaining so much pleasure in adding turrets and a moat ect. The little boy was wearing a hat that proclaimed he was a 'dude' and I have to say, his dad was a bit of a dude too.

Sometimes I just gazed out to sea, well, in the general direction of the sea anyway. You don't so much get a low tide at Weston as a tsunami in reverse.

The water is just sucked away leaving behind a vast expanse of sticky brown mud. One things for sure, people of all shapes, sizes and colours might arrive in Weston but they all leave the same colour and it's a uniform brown.

Apparently there's a nudist beach somewhere nearby, one day I must seek it out, possibly on a day I DONT have the children with me.

I did come across an article on a tourist information site about Weston and a nudist visit to Flat Holm (one of the two small islands just off Weston, the other being Steepholm) with the comment the, 'The visitors, while enjoying the freedom of wandering the island unclothed did however wear hard hats to protect them from dive-bombing seagulls”!!


InkPaperPen said...

Those cheeky Brummie lads, hey? It is interesting reading this post, as I see it as an extended version to your Dialogue Detective post for Write On Wednesdays (having read that one first). But I am so glad I read your other one first, only because as I mentioned in my other comment - the surprise element to that post was a lovely ending. I love that you added to this post to make it the story it is in today's post. Isn't this what writing is all about, after all? Gill xo

Sarah Mac said...

I often revisit posts and think about the things I didn't say. It was lovely to have the opportunity to expand on this one so thank you and I'll certainly be back for some more Write on Wednesdays. Sarah x

InkPaperPen said...

It is such a good idea to go back to an old post and expand on it. I might even do this as an exercise for Write On Wednesdays one week - if you don't mind! Will look forward to seeing you back for more Write On Wednesdays!

Oh, was also wondering how found us? Interested to know as I would like to promote it as much as possible.

Gill xo

Sarah Mac said...

Hi Gill, I'd be more than happy for you to use it as an exercise one week.

I found you through Suzi at Under the Windmills when I read the post she had entered.

Sarah x