Monday, 18 April 2011

THINGS don't just happen to ME!!!

See, I TOLD you they didn't!

I've spent the afternoon in the garden, weeding the borders ect ready for planting. I was just thinking a little music wouldn't go amiss when joy of joys my neighbour had the same idea (the nice ones, not the cat haters).

We've all been having a sing along to the Beach Boys, Wouldn't It Be Nice, I Get Around ect. I DO like something I can either sing along to or dance to preferably both, and the Beach Boys fit the bill perfectly.

Anyway, my neighbour decided to try out his outside lights in preparation for the BBQ season. Into the house, flick the switch and BANG, everything went off. Out to the hall, flip …....bang ….. well, you know the drill but strangely, he couldn't pin point it to any one things. Every thing works individually but combinations of anything with the outside lights and bang! Obviously I offered my services and told them of my experiences (and experience with electrics) but for some reason they declined my 'help' and are going for 'the man who can' option.

At this time of year my garden doesn't get the sun in the late afternoon, another month or two and it will from first thing in the morning until late in the evening.

I think my favourite time is about half past 6 on Summers morning, everything's still and cool and the dew hasn't yet evaporated from the flowers, I tend to take lots of photos in the early hours.

My garden is also a bit of a magnet for frogs in the Summer, probably because I obsessively water it. One morning I was having a peaceful cup of tea on the top decking (my bottom drawing water out of the wood osmosis style!) when I noticed the cat showing an interest in something by the wall.

She was shortly joined by the dog who started sniffing around when suddenly


Loud screaming,dog barking, cat hissing and a bright ORANGE frog ( like a satsuma) came flying right at me!!!!

Not wanting to be the only one to remain calm in a crisis I threw my cup of tea half way across the garden and started screaming too. Me, the dog, the cat and the frog all trying to out do each other (I think I may have won;) until the whole neighbourhood was wide awake! The frog eventually came to its senses and disappeared leaving us to explain to the extremely disbelieving neighbours. (Oh yes, 'cause we just fancied a bit of a scream fest this morning!!! )  YES, disbelievers, orange frogs DO exist, just go google them!

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