Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Busy Week

Reading back through my blog it seems I had a very busy couple of weeks!  This week by contrast nada, not a thing, nothin' doing.

The sun is shining, Spring is here and I can even feel a touch of Summer in the air.

The chidren are on holiday so why arent we doing anything???

Hmmm, I resolved last night that we WOULD do something on Tuesday (tomorrow).  I dont drive which is a pain  but also just as well as Mr Mac, although being happy enough to leave the children and his dog behind DID take the car.

Another thing that I resolved many months ago was to never sink into a public rant about Mr Mac. The noise you may hear in the background from time to time is the sound of me chewing through my tongue!

No BBQ today though
I am however eternally grateful to my friend C who, due to a text typo once rechristened him Lack, a name has afforded me much (private) amusement.

So, tomorrow!!  We are off to Weston-Super-Mare on the train ..............

a chance to dip our toes and frolick

Well, it's today now, Im up and enjoying a cuppa in the garden before waking the hoards.  Serious second thought on the wiseness of taking  four, eleven to thirteen year olds out for the day without a couple of bouncers and a long rope to tie them together.

Also seriously hacked off that the midnight raid they did on my cupboards now means the picnic Id planned is severely depleted!  No doubt it's in the hope that I'll be buying chips, burgers and the like later. 

They can HOPE!! I plan on taking the empty Jaffa Cake box with me to wave (silently with one eyebrow slightly raised) in their faces everytime they say they're hungry.  The Jaffa Cakes never were for the picnic but they were MINE!!!

Ok, time to get the water pistol out and make lots of noise (I love payback.God knows WHAT time they went to sleep!).

To be continued ............................

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