Monday, 18 April 2011

One Day I Shot An Elephant In My Pyjamas

Only to find that the pyjamas were in fact the Elephants after all and he was just trying to claim back what was rightfully his! And YES, I am talking about my foot and ankle again. They fascinate but at the same time repel me. I don't think its any bigger than it was but its certainly not smaller!!

Anyway, A week or so a go I had a perfectly wonderful day (and yes, that was it). A slight disagreement with my sister who had (in her own mind) re-homed the kittens with one of her friends. I know it would be madness to keep them but I'm not ready to let them go just yet, they don't even have their eyes open!


Well, it ended badly with me eventually saying, 'the kittens don't have Lisa stamped on their arses!', a shocked silence followed and eventually she said in a very disapproving voice, 'Well, I really don't know WHAT to say' …....... Hallelujah!!! I can assure you that never in my lifetime has THAT happened before :-)

gratuitous photo (because I can)

Being the youngest of 4 girls does have it's disadvantages. No matter that I really am a grown up (in years). Have successfully raised a family and failed a marriage (a pre requisite in my family), I am still the baby who needs 'guidance' (Hmmm, no, they are just BOSSY).

Anyway, my day improved no end.

I met up with two of my favourite people and went to my favourite tea shop (yes, another, went up town, met me bezzie for tea story) except, this wasn't just an ordinary tea date, this was the Mr Miles experience! Savoury cream tea (cheese scones, cream cheese and fig chutney) followed by passion fruit, orange and almond cake with proper leaf tea complete with silver strainers. I thought Id died and gone to heaven all in a beautiful teashop decorated in the 1920 style, that's MY kind of tea date!

pure elegance

Lots of lovely things to buy!


Rukzrockz said...

Nice post Sarah. The pics are really nice. And it was a nice read too :)

Sarah Mac said...

Hi Rudsrockz, Really odd, I can see youposted this comment on the 24 April but it's only appeared today 22 June!

Thank you though and sorry, I would have responded before had I seen it.

Thank you for your kind words and Im really glad you enjoyed the post.