Monday, 18 April 2011

Random Ramblings

Rewinding at the Fibro

If I should ever write a book I think that might just be the perfect title.

I used to confine my rambles to FB where the people know me and are mostly kind.

I suspect that some of them think of me as some kind of 'pet'. I wonder if they would be so tolerant if they had to feed me and pay the vets bills?

 I LIKE my FB friends, today M joined the library, T made sausages and K's phone came out of the closet. I didn't do a status update today but if I had I wonder what it would have been?

The leading status update?  First person to call me Granny WILL be removed from my friends list without further warning!!! (This obviously was a reference to Tilly having kittens and was shortly followed by an explanatory photo, I don't tend to do these and then leave the ubiqutous two hour anticipation gap)

The statement update? I have cheesecake in my eye. (Well, I DID!)

The quotation update? "My second favourite household chore is ironing. My first being hitting my head on the top bunk bed until I faint." Erna Bombeck

The random update?  fish making nests and recycled moon, these things make me smile. .( This was a reference to a thread on another friends wall.)

I'm not sure what today's would have been, I didn't bet on the National, join the library, make sausages or have a problem with my phones sexuality.

I DID have a random friends request from a friend of a friend but as he has nearly 2000 'friends' as opposed to my 70, I suspect he is just a collector of people so I wont respond.

Blogging has opened up whole new world for me.  Now I no longer do I have to wait for a response in order to reveal the full story.  I don't go off at a tangent loosing  the original thread but there is still the interaction of comments, I can still make new friends.,

I DO like to make new friends and funnily enough, my garden isn't a bad place to do it!

Last summer for instance. There I was dozing in the sun, minding my own business when a voice said 'hello'. I opened my eyes to find a man up a ladder a few doors down fixing the guttering.

 We had quite a nice chat culminating in him asking me if I fancied going for a drink some time. Now, this presented me with a bit of a problem, could I possibly be go out with someone who appeared to be called Gnat (I did ask him to repeat it enough times for it to become embarrassing!).

Of course he WASNT called Gnat after all, it turns out it was Matt. Still, I decided to give it a miss, it was obvious that either he had a speech impediment or I had a hearing one!

I don't tend to really endear myself to my neighbours, particularly the ones on one side of me. They have an aversion to cats and I have an aversion to people who have an aversion to cats!

 Now I am (to an extent) sympathetic, cat 'waste' shall I say, is not pleasant (I should know, I now have 5!!!)

But I did buy them some cat repellent to spray in the garden even though I'm far from being the only cat owner in the area.

This didn't seem to be enough to satisfy them though and one afternoon as my FB update testifies, the neighbourhood loveometer hit the top of the scale.

 I cant be held responsible for my cats actions it's true but possibly saying, 'feel free to come and shit in MY garden' wasnt really the way to diffuse the situation.

The same neighbour puts her house on the market every Spring. She has no intention of selling you understand, she just like to tell me how much more her house is worth than mine.

Anyway, this obviously results in a few viewings and, to make sure I don't miss the opportunity to feel inferior she likes to take them for a stroll around the garden when I'm in mine, popping her head over the fence to introduce my possible 'new neighbours'.

Well, my garden is my castle (or keep, or moat, whatever) and if I choose to garden in my tee shirt and knickers surely that's MY business??

Shame really, we'd been getting on soooo much better since the chainsaw incident too!


todd carr said...

I'm glad matt was not a gnat. haha. keep growing that garden, I love to sip beer in the garden. My dad isn't a drinker but uses beer to fertilize the grass.....crazy isn't it?

fun blog!

Hear Mum Roar said...

How cool would it be to know a man called Gnat, though?

Maxabella said...

I can't do the FB thing. I guess it's all the banality of life that I try to avoid right there, written down on somebody random's wall. I suppose I'm just not that interested in other people's good times or food choices?

But I would also like to meet this Gnat. I mean, Matt. x

Life In A Pink Fibro said...

I love the FB status updates. It was always my favourite part of FB. Thank heavens I found twitter so I could update ad nauseum without driving my friends mad!

Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.

PS: Hi Gnat, I mean Matt!

Sarah Mac said...

@ Todd: I think If I tipped beer on my lawn there would soon be somebody (possibly me) face down sucking it up again!

@ Hear Mum Roar: It would indeed be cool and I still fondly think of him as Gnat. I have heard worse though, if you have a moment, look at What's in a Name, there's a few worth a giggle there.

@ Maxabella: Im still sticking with FB for now, true, most of it is very banal but there's the occassional snippit of info that's interesting and it doese mean I keep up with some friends I may not speak to often otherwise.

@ Pink Fibro: I shall pass your greetings on to Gnat should our paths cross again. I do like the occassional FB status update but weeding out the gems can be a little time consuming but at times very worth it!