Monday, 18 April 2011

Getting older is no problem. You just have to live long enough.

I don't have a problem getting older (in fact I find myself doing it with little or no effort at all).

I remember being horrified at the prospect of turning 30. I thought my life was over. This is it I thought, tomorrow I will wake up having sprouted a crimplene frock (or slacks!), with a pull along tartan shopping trolley welded to my hands and a lavender shampoo and set! I could say goodbye to my ankles (hmmm;) and hello to chin hairs, varicose veins and orthopaedic sandles (again, hmmm!).

I wallowed for a while in my misery (about 3 months in total) when a kind colleague at work gave me a verbal slap across the face. 'Sarah, you're boring me now',he said, 'shut up or sod off', (not exactly what I was expecting in my annual review!). But you know, he was right, I was boring and I was boring myself too so, I got over it!

40 on the other hand was a breeze, 5 days of partying, presents and (ha ha, I WANT to say p*rn but that's not true, it just fits;). Each Birthday since then has been great. My last one in particular was one to remember.

Things may creak and groan a little these days and I've a certain fondness for dusty mirrors and candlelight but on the whole, I'm pretty happy with me.

While I was on the dating website I spoke to men all over the country and some even further afield. Different ages,religions, races and interests and all, (almost without exception) polite and interesting. What did interest me was the amount of different sites that appear to be linked, I wonder how many it is in total? This passed me by for quite some time until somebody told me. But it did make a few things clear!

One night I had a message from a 19 year old asking if Id like to chat sometime!

Now 19 is a tender age, easily bruised (although often full of arrogance) I remember being 19 and thinking I was invincible and proving myself wrong on many occasions.

I didn't subscribe to the Toy Boy site but apparently I did feature on it!!!

 It did afford me some amusement and yes, if I'm honest, it was pretty good for my ego too, but 19!!!! Seriously, you have to be kidding!

Alex I said, I have a CAT older than you! Strictly speaking, that's not true any more, poor old Billy died a few years ago aged 22, but, had he lived he would be old enough to be Alex's great, great Grandfather in feline years.

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